About this site

This site is dedicated to the advent truth. Its purpose is to contribute to the discussion on vital points of faith that are of interest to all Seventh Day Adventists.

In these days of many voices crying out many things, the purpose here is to point to truth on issues that are current, and encourage all to be settling into truth and preparing for the times ahead.

The editor is a lifelong Adventist, growing up in a large, liberal SDA church in the Bible belt. I went to SDA schools and Pathfinders. Caught up as a teenager in the tumult of the “historic Adventist” resurgence in the 1990’s, I worked for a while at an independent ministry. I was associated with various “self-supporting” ministries and movements. Later I became associated with the SDARM. I have friends everywhere and try to maintain those connections even when we sometimes see things differently.

I still take a wide and sympathetic view toward everyone in all of the above circles, and the idea behind this site is to share what we should all know and remember about the advent truth.

The site does not fully identify the editor at this point in time. This is not because I have anything to hide. In fact, I am happy to freely and openly correspond with anyone if you will get in touch via the contact link. At this stage though, it is just a matter of wishing to keep these discussions in the channel they were intended, as my social networks cross a wide variety of audiences.